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Puddles needed our help!
written by: Ashley Gillett DVM

Puddles was an 8 year old Chihuahua that presented to us on March 3rd with a necrotic (dead, decaying) front right leg as a result of being attacked by another dog the week before. The owner tried to get help for Puddles through other veterinarians but could not afford the care she needed and she finally came to HSMC for help. Puddles’ leg required immediate amputation as she was clearly suffering. She could not stand and the infection present was severe. She had multiple bite wounds on her body, mostly around her right front leg. I was unsure of she would survive surgery but we thought we should try. After blood work and chest x-rays were performed to rule out other reasons Puddles would not survive surgery, she was quickly anesthetized and her leg was amputated. She had extensive infection on her front right leg with multiple bite wounds near the incisions for her leg amputation. This complicated things, as there was not much healthy tissue to close her incision. Most of the tissue was infected. After her leg amputation, a drain was placed in one of her bite wounds because of the infection. Puddles made it through surgery but she had a long road ahead of her for healing. She was placed on antibiotics and pain medications to assist with her healing.

A few days later, it was apparent that Puddles had an area of infection near one of the extensively infected bite wounds that needed to be debrided (cleaned up) surgically. On March 9th she had surgery again to clean out the infected and devitalized tissue. After this, Puddles had daily Manuka Honey bandage changes to help heal her wounds since they could not be closed surgically. Her bandage was finally removed on March 23rd and she was spayed and had a dental cleaning performed on March 24th! Puddles did fabulously and will hopefully live a long and healthy life now.

It is thanks to our generous donors that Puddles was able to get the medical care needed. Her mom will be eternally grateful that her best friend will still be able to play in the puddles!

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