ADOPTION CENTER: 941-747-8808 X 313

Volunteer Opportunities

Canine Care

Three levels of dog walking (green, blue, and purple) – Training provided at no cost to you.

  • Socialize with positive reinforcement
  • Work on basic loose leash walking
  • Great exercise for you and our shelter dogs

Kennel Cleaners

  • 8am – 10am – Assist Animal Care staff with cleaning

Cat Care

Feline Friends – Enjoy our free-roaming cat rooms in Meow Manor

Cat Care Assistant

  • Playtime and socialization
  • Promote positive experiences and enrichment

Cat Condo Cleaners

  • 8 a.m. – 10 a.m.
  • Clean condos with Animal Care Staff

Office Angel

  • Assist staff with clerical duties
  • Filing, copying, mailing, and building adoption folders

Outreach and Events

  • Event Ambassadors without dogs – Booth help at community events and HSMC special events
  • Event Ambassadors with dogs – Provide care and control of dogs at community / special events and able to take dogs on day trip outings
  • Off-site educational events and adoption events
  • Coin Bank Captains and brochure distribution

Teen Volunteer Programs

Over the years the Humane Society of Manatee County’s (HSMC) volunteer program has seen a peak in interest from students in middle and high school. HSMC’s hours of operation make it challenging for students to volunteer. School and extracurricular activities limit the amount of time student volunteers can dedicate and make it difficult for some students to earn hours towards school-related community service.

Our Teen Volunteer Program is designed to allow 6th-12th graders the opportunity to volunteer with or without a parent or guardian present, a chance to give back to their community, and earn hours towards school-related community service. The teen program is divided into two groups based on the student’s current grade enrolled in.

Click here for more information on the Teen Volunteer Programs.

Each program will have dedicated class times to learn about animal welfare, animal behavior and communication, and safety and well-being. Each program is split into two (2) sessions:

Spring: February-May

Fall: August-November

Teen Program Volunteers will earn 30 hours that will be credited to their volunteer account and will be counted towards any potential scholarship requirements. Volunteers enrolled in either teen program must attend all class meetings to be accredited for the full 30 hours with the exception of holiday weekends.


Veterinary Clinic Assistant

  • School Clinical Hours and shadowing opportunities are available

Court Ordered Community Service

If you need to complete community service hours (court-ordered), please call 941-747-8808 x 315  to schedule an appointment to speak with our Community Service coordinator. Please note that all community service workers must be at least 18 years old. We do not accept any offenses that involve drugs, theft or battery/assault, or felonies.